Sunday, April 30, 2017

Clean up and beautify the city

From: Christian Haselgrove

The Salem Beautification Committee's Clean Salem Green Salem, a morning of cleaning up and beautifying around the city, will take place Saturday, May 6.  In past years a team has gathered to clean Swiniuch Park at the corner of Derby and Bentley, but our most recent organizer, Sharon Smith, is unable to lead the cleanup this year.  If you would like to organize a cleanup of the park or of another part of the neighborhood, please let me know and I can put you in touch with the city's organizer to get gloves and trash bags and help get word out to the neighborhood.

Find details on the morning's events at

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Code Red

FYI from the Salem PD

Robert K McCarthy
Councillor Ward One

Statement going out via Code Red

Late this morning Salem Police were alerted to a handwritten message found at the Footprint power plant construction site that was determined to be potentially threatening in nature. Out of caution workers from the plant site have been temporarily evacuated and Salem Police and Fire personnel, including K-9 units, are currently on site conducting a review of the facility and grounds. As it has not been established to be a credible threat at this time. These are standard protocols being employed. Neighbors of the Footprint site are not being directed to leave the area at this time.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

HAWC Sunday April 30

The Walk for HAWC will be centered on Salem Common on Sunday, April 30.  The walk itself will start at noon and will pass through the neighborhood, starting on Salem Common, following Hawthorne Boulevard, Derby Street, Fort Avenue to the Willows, then Memorial Drive, Szetela Lane, Webb Street, and Boardman Street back to the Common.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

HDSNA Contractor Referral List

Notes from April 10 2017 meeting

Notes from April 10, 2017 HDSNA meeting

HDSNA notices

March's meeting featured Matthew Smith, Salem's first director of traffic and parking.  Mr. Smith was appointed last fall and is still collecting information about the traffic and parking situation throughout the city.  Mr. Smith can be reached at and we hope to engage him in an ongoing manner to address neighborhood issues.  (For immediate parking or traffic issues, call the Salem Police Department non-emergency number; see below under City Updates.)

HDSNA dues have been a voluntary $5 per household for many years (last increased at least 15 years ago).  Starting in May, we will be suggesting $10 per household.  Among other things, dues help cover our summer picnic and holiday potluck, fund the web site, and cover meeting space and speakers fees when necessary.

HDSNA is developing a neighborhood resident-sourced list of home repair and maintenance companies and individuals.  HDSNA is not endorsing any particular company or person, but rather facilitating the exchange of information.  If you know a tradesperson, particularly if they have experience working on historic homes and/or appearing before the Historical Commission, please share a recommendation.  The plan is to compile the information into a PDF document that will be circulated to those interested.  For more information, contact Brianna Kenny at  If this is a list you'd be interested in having, please complete the form at the following address by May 28:

Street sweeping will begin next week (April 18) and run through May.  Entrance corridors will be swept in April and neighborhoods in May.  Our neighborhood is scheduled to be swept May 23, but be alert for updates and posted no parking signs.  Alternate parking will be available in the South Harbor Garage that day.  For more information and the full schedule, see

The year's first yard waste pick-up for our neighborhood will be Monday, April 24.

The Imagine Salem survey is still available and all who have an interest in Salem's future are encouraged to participate.  Learn more and find the survey at

There will be a benefit for the victims of the March 16 Pickering Wharf fire on Thursday, April 20 from 7 to 10 PM at Finz.  For details, see

The Salem Arts Festival will have its fashion show fundraiser at Old Town Hall on Friday, April 14 at 7 PM.  Find details at

Our next meeting will be Monday, May 8 at 7 PM at the House of the Seven Gables and will feature representatives from Footprint Power.

City updates

Councilor McCarthy reported that there has been an increase in people going through unlocked cars, so please be sure to lock your car doors.  Paving will resume shortly; information will be provided as the paving schedule is created.

Officer Ryan Arundel, one of the beat officers for our neighborhood, was in attendance.  Officer Arundel advised that any non-emergency issues regarding parking should be reported to the Salem Police Department non-emergency number at 978-744-1212.  Issues may be triaged when demand is high, but they will not be ignored and will be handled.  They will arrange for towing in front of driveways, but have no jurisdiction over parking on private property (so they can't tow if somebody has parked in your driveway).

The House of the Seven Gables

The House of the Seven Gables annual appeal is going on now.  Find out more and help support the site at

The Seven Gables is featuring special programming on Caroline Emmerton's 1916 Settlement from April 15 to 23, included as part of admission to the site.  Find details on this and other events at the Seven Gables at

National Park Service

Paul DePrey and Michael Parr of the National Park Service were in attendance.  Superintendent DePrey reported that during Friendship's haulout in Gloucester, more issues than expected were discovered (as often happens).  In this case, rot was found in the stem, a fairly serious matter.  The NPS is working on funding for the repairs.  As a result, Friendship will not participate in Sail Boston this year, but it is hoped that she will be a part of the Gloucester Schooner Festival.  The NPS is doing all they can to make sure that Friendship is back in Salem by July 4.

Destination Salem

Kate Fox, Executive Director of Destination Salem, spoke about Destination Salem and its role in the city.

Residents are encouraged to contact her if tour buses are seen fumbling in narrow streets; this is often due to GPS directions that are inappropriate for buses, so tour companies will need to be educated.  Pictures of the buses can help in this correspondence.

There will be interruptions to commuter rail service this summer due to necessary maintenance.  (Interruptions due to budget concerns were canceled.)  There are upcoming MBTA commuter meetings in the region.

More information about Destination Salem can be found at


Captain Bill McHugh, Salem's harbormaster, spoke about the role of the office of the harbormaster in the city.

Cruise ships require restricted and secure areas, but the harbormaster tries to keep the parking lot's closed space and time to a minimum and give a week's notice on restrictions.  It is hoped that once the powerplant construction is finished, some space will be dedicated there for cruise ship excursions and the Blaney Street lot can be left open.  There may be a cruise ship coming in May, but by and large the cruise season in our region aligns with foliage season.

A new pier will be built at the Willows.  The pier will be almost entirely grant funded and will resemble the recently built Oak Bluffs fishing pier.  The current pier was build in the 1970s as a steamer wharf but is now experiencing safety issues.

Blaney Street commercial wharf was finished in July 2016.  This was supported by a seaport grant and will support additional water traffic such as fishing excursions, Misery Island and Bakers Island ferries, and the Salem harbor shuttle (if it returns).

Find out more about the Harbormaster's office at