Monday, September 28, 2020

October Parking Restrictions

Via  Robert McCarthy
 October Resident Parking Information

Valid October 1 - November 1

Pending approval by City Council on 9/24/2020, Temporary Resident Parking Permits will be mailed to addresses on the following qualifying streets: 

Andrew Street | Becket Avenue | Boardman Street | Bridge Street (from Howard St to Webb St) | Briggs Street | Broad Street (from Phelps St to a point 150 feet west of Cambridge St) | Cabot Street (from Cedar St to Gardner St) | Cedar Street | Chase Street | Cherry Street | Cross Street (from Lemon St to Saunders St) | Cypress Street | Derby Street (from Palfrey Ct to Fort Ave) | Dow Street | Downing Street | Emerton Street | Endicott Street | Essex Street (from Flint St to Monroe St) | Essex Street (from Cambridge St to Summer St)| Essex Street (from Herbert St to Webb St) | Fairfield Street | Flint Street (from Bridge St to Federal St) | Flint Street (from Essex St to Dalton Pkwy) | Forrester Street | Fort Avenue (from Webb St to #39 Fort Ave) | Harbor Street (from Lafayette St to Congress St) | Harrison Avenue | Hathorne Crescent | Hathorne Place | Hathorne Street | Hawthorne Boulevard (westerly side of two-way section) | Leavitt Street (From Lafayette St to Congress St) | Lemon Street | Lemon Street Court | Lyme Street | Lynn Street (from Andover St to River St) | Margin Street (even side only) | Milk Street | Mt. Vernon Street | Naumkeag Street | Orne Square | Palmer Street (from Lafayette St to Congress St) | Park Street | Parker Court | Peabody Street | Phelps Street | Pickering Street | Pickman Street | Pleasant Street | Pleasant Street Avenue | Pond Street | Porter Street | Porter Street Court | Prescott Street | Prince Street | Salem Street (from Harbor St to Chase St) | Smith Street | Spring Street | Stearns Place | Summer Street (from Margin St to Endicott St) | Vale Street | Ward Street | Warren Street (southside only from Flint St to Pickering St) | Washington Square East (eastside only) | Washington Square North (northside only) | Washington Square South (southside only from 38 Washington Sq S to Washington Sq E) | Webster Street | Winter Street | Winthrop Street | Woodbury Court

PLEASE NOTE: October resident parking this year is only in effect Mondays-Fridays from 5pm to 7am and Saturdays-Sundays from noon to 7am. Only one permit is available per vehicle registered in the City at an address on a designated October resident parking only street.  If for some reason you do not receive a permit in the mail you may visit the offices listed below. 

Parking Office at 1 New Liberty Street; Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-6:30pm

Traffic Office at Salem City Hall Annex 98 Washington Street, 2nd FL; Hours: Monday-Wednesday 8am-4pm, Thursday 8am-7pm, Friday 8am-12noon

When you arrive please be sure to have the following documents:

Proof of Residence which may include a copy of your lease, a utility bill or license which indicates address on designated street

Vehicle Registration:

Leased vehicles: you must also show proof of residency on a qualifying street address

Company vehicles: you'll need a letter on company letterhead stating you have use of that vehicle and proof showing residency on a qualifying street address

SSU students: in addition to your vehicle registration you'll need an official stamped letter from the Registrar's Office AND a lease showing a qualifying address that is signed by both parties

If you have any questions please email: or For further information, please contact the Traffic & Parking Director, David Kucharsky, via email at or call 978-745-8120.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Updated Mask Mandate

The Board of Health has expanded the “mandatory mask” zone to include Derby Street from Hawthorne Boulevard to Blaney Street. We’ve updated the information at and will include notification about this change in the City’s COVID-19 Response Update at being issued later this afternoon.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

New board member volunteers sought!

 Hi everyone,

It's that time of year again. The HDSNA is looking for volunteers for its board of directors. If you reside in the neighborhood and are interested in volunteering, the positions are:
- Co-chairs: two people who preside and conduct all meetings and business of the HDSNA. If the need arises, they can appoint chairpersons of committees.
- Treasurer: responsible for receipt, disbursement and accounting of the funds and depositing of membership dues.
- Secretary: responsible for taking meeting notes and ensure members are notified of meeting dates/places. They also receive and count votes requiring ballots and make the results known to the co-chairs who then announce results.
- Communications: ensure public and members are notified of meeting dates, places and times in the form of public announcements.
- At-large: this is not an official position, but volunteers are welcome who wish to add their ideas for meeting activities and the leg-work to make them happen.

The above descriptions are a brief summary of responsibilities. A full explanation of duties is available in the HDSNA bylaws. This is a fun thing to do and only requires a few hours a month.

If you are interested, please email me with your name, address and the position you wish to volunteer for. I will ensure you are on the ballot. If there are numerous volunteers for positions, an election will be held at the November meeting.
Thanks all!
Sharon Smith

Friday, September 11, 2020

September 2020 Meeting

The HDSNA will hold the September 2020  on Monday, September 14th beginning at 7:00pm via ZOOM.  
Our guest speaker will be Mayor Driscoll with an annual up-date on the Historic Derby street Neighborhood.

You can join the meeting on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. The links and meeting info are posted below. You will be able to ask questions of the Mayor.

To join Zoom meeting on computer/laptop/tablet:

Meeting ID: 817 0158 7777

Pass code: 987469

To join Zoom meeting by phone:
One tap mobile

8884754499, 81701587777# US Toll-free

8335480276 ,81701587777# US Toll-free

Dial by your location

        888 475 4499 US Toll-free

        833 548 0276 US Toll-free

        833 548 0282 US Toll-free

        877 853 5257 US Toll-free

Meeting ID: 817 0158 7777

Friday, August 14, 2020

City of Salem Public Health Advisory August 14, 2020


City of Salem Public Health Advisory

August 14, 2020

Following the Commonwealth’s designation on August 12, 2020 that Salem had entered DPH’s “Red” category, having exceeded the 8.0/case threshold of average new cases per 100,000 people over a 14-day period, the Salem Board of Health and City of Salem are issuing the following advisories to the public, including residents, workers, and visitors to the City:

1.      The public must comply with thestate’s order limiting the number of people that may gather in one place, including on private property. Indoor gatherings are limited to eight people per 1,000 square feet, but should not exceed 25 people in a single enclosed, indoor space. Outdoor gatherings in enclosed spaces are limited to 25 percent of the facility’s maximum permitted occupancy, with a maximum of 50 people in a single enclosed outdoor space. Those gathering should maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance from one another and should wear masks, even if not in public. 


Residents who observe a gathering that appears to be in violation of the state’s order should call 978-744-1212 to report the event to the Salem Police so they may respond and disperse or fine violators as necessary. The City Health Agent will be notified for follow up, and potential additional sanctions. Business owners and landlords that knowingly allow violations to occur are also subject to fines and other sanctions. 


2.      The public must comply with theBoard of Health order designating that City parks and the downtown area are mandatory mask zones. The Salem Health Department and Salem Police have been enforcing this order with warnings and public education efforts, including directed patrols by the Community Impact Unit and Patrol Division, along with Health Inspectors. Over 500 free masks have been distributed during these patrols to members of the public who do not have a mask when in these areas. Effective today, inspectors and officers will issue monetary fines to anyone in the mandatory mask zone who does not have a mask or who have a mask and refuses to wear it over their mouth and nose. Fines are $50 for a first offense, $150 for a second offense, and $300 for a third offense.


Downtown and Park Ambassadors will be patrolling the mandatory mask zones starting this weekend. Ambassadors will assist with public education efforts; while they are not authorized to issue tickets, they will be able to contact inspectors or police if necessary.


To help better clarify the mandatory mask zone, additional signage will be posted, including on parking meters, banners over streets, on signposts, at the MBTA station, and, starting in October, via push-advertisement on mobile devices in the downtown. Additionally, outdoor hand sanitizing stations are being installed in parks and the downtown area.

3.      Members of the public have reported apparent violations of mask and gathering regulations via social media and SeeClickFix. This is not an effective way to report violations that could have serious public health consequences. To ensure complaints are promptly and appropriately addressed, call the Health Department at (978) 741-1800 or the Salem Police Department at (978) 744-1212 and report the violation. Please take into consideration when calling whether the violator is inside or outside, and mobile or stationary because addressing the person may not be possible. Since the new mask order went into effect on July 18, 2020, Salem Police have responded to 49 calls about potential violations of the order.


4.      Additional revisions to the regulations and requirements for local businesses, assemblies, and practices will be forthcoming from the Board of Health. The public is advised to subscribe to City News & Announcements at in order to remain informed about all updates and changes.


5.      DPH has notified the City that, due to the rise in average daily new cases, Salem will receive support to conduct weekday daily COVID-19 testing through mid-September as part of the state’s “Stop the Spread” testing initiative. This testing program will replace the “Salem Coronavirus Awareness Network” (SCAN) testing originally scheduled for the next seven weeks. SCAN testing dates will be announced in the coming weeks. For details about the “Stop the Spread” tests, which begin on Monday August 17th, please visit “Stop the Spread” COVID-19 tests are free and available to anyone; they will be conducted outside Salem High School, 77 Willson Street, Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays from 2pm-6pm and Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays from 10am-2pm.

The Salem Health Department has been analyzing the data from the active cases’ contact tracing results to ascertain if there is a single or predominant source of the new cases seen in the community and to better understand the demographics of these cases.

  • Beyond the reported small group cluster at the Salem YMCA, there does not appear to be any other one single source of new cases and there is no evidence that cases originated from visitors or tourists, or from a single specific event, business, or gathering.
  • One-fifth of Salem’s COVID-19 cases since July 1st have been youth under the age of 19 and 40% have been under the age of 40.
  • While 19% of Salem’s population is Latinx, 51% of Salem’s COVID-19 cases since July 1st have been Latinx residents.


Aviso de salud pública de la ciudad de Salem

14 de agosto de 2020

Tras la designación del Estado el 12 de agosto de 2020 de que Salem había entrado en la categoría "Roja" del Departamento de Salud Pública, habiendo excedido el límite de 8.0 / casos nuevos promedio por cada 100,000 personas durante un período de 14 días, la Junta de Salud de Salem y la Ciudad de Salem está emitiendo los siguientes avisos al público, incluidos los residentes, trabajadores y visitantes de la Ciudad:

6.      El público debe cumplir con laorden estatal que limita el número de personas que pueden reunirse en un lugar, incluso en propiedad privada. Las reuniones en interiores están limitadas a ocho personas por cada 1,000 pies cuadrados, pero no deben exceder las 25 personas en un solo espacio interior cerrado. Las reuniones al aire libre en espacios cerrados están limitadas al 25 por ciento de la ocupación máxima permitida de la instalación, con un máximo de 50 personas en un solo espacio exterior cerrado. Los que se reúnan deben mantener al menos 6 pies de distancia física entre sí y deben usar máscaras, incluso si no están en público.


Los residentes que observen una reunión que parezca violar la orden del estado deben llamar al 978-744-1212para informar el evento a la Policía de Salem para que puedan responder y dispersar o multar a los infractores según sea necesario. El Agente de Salud de la Ciudad será notificado para seguimiento y posibles sanciones adicionales. Los dueños de negocios y propietarios que conscientemente permiten que ocurran violaciones también están sujetos a multas y otras sanciones


7.      El público debe cumplir con la orden de la Junta de Salud que designa que los parques de la ciudad y el área del centro de la ciudad son zonas obligatorias del uso de máscaras. El Departamento de Salud de Salem y la Policía de Salem han estado haciendo cumplir esta orden con advertencias y esfuerzos de educación pública, incluidas las patrullas dirigidas por la Unidad de Impacto Comunitario y la División de Patrulla, junto con los Inspectores de Salud. Se han distribuido más de 500 máscaras gratis durante estas patrullas a los miembros del público que no tienen una máscara cuando están en estas áreas. A partir de hoy, los inspectores y oficiales emitirán multas monetarias a cualquier persona en la zona de máscara obligatoria que no tenga una máscara o que tenga una máscara y se niegue a usarla en la boca y la nariz. Las multas son de $50 por la primera infracción, $150 por una segunda infracción y $300 por una tercera infracción.


Los embajadores del centro y del parque patrullarán las zonas de máscaras obligatorias a partir de este fin de semana. Los embajadores ayudarán con los esfuerzos de educación pública; si bien no están autorizados a emitir multas, podrán comunicarse con los inspectores o la policía si es necesario.


Para ayudar a aclarar mejor la zona de máscara obligatoria, se colocarán letreros adicionales, incluso en los parquímetros, carteles en las calles, en las señales, en la estación de transporte público y, a partir de octubre, mediante publicidad automática en dispositivos móviles en el centro de la ciudad. Además, se están instalando estaciones de desinfección de manos al aire libre en parques y en el centro de la ciudad.

8.      Los miembros del público han informado de aparentes violaciones de las normas de reuniones y máscara a través de las redes sociales y SeeClickFix. Esta no es una forma eficaz de informar violaciones que podrían tener graves consecuencias para la salud pública. Para asegurarse de que las quejas se aborden de manera oportuna y adecuada, llame al Departamento de Salud al (978) 741-1800 o al Departamento de Policía de Salem al (978) 744-1212 e informe la infracción. Al llamar, tenga en cuenta si el infractor está adentro o afuera, y si está en movimiento o parado, porque es posible que no sea posible dirigirse a la persona. Desde que la nueva orden de máscaras entró en vigor el 18 de julio de 2020, la policía de Salem ha respondido a 49 llamadas sobre posibles violaciones de la orden.


9.      La Junta de Salud publicará próximamente revisiones adicionales a las regulaciones y requisitos para negocios, asambleas y prácticas locales. Se recomienda al público que se suscriba a City News & Announcements en para mantenerse informado sobre todas las actualizaciones y cambios.


10.  El Departamento de Salud Publica ha notificado a la Ciudad que, debido al aumento en el promedio de casos nuevos diarios, Salem recibirá apoyo para realizar pruebas COVID-19 diarias durante la semana hasta mediados de septiembre por parte de la iniciativa de pruebas del Estado “Detener la propagación”.  Este programa de prueba reemplazara la prueba “Red de concientización sobre el coronavirus de Salem” (SCAN, por sus siglas en inglés) originalmente programada para las próximas siete semanas.  Las fechas de las pruebas de SCAN se anunciarán en las próximas semanas.  Para detalles sobre las pruebas “Detener la propagación”, que comienzan el lunes 17 de agosto, por favor visite  Las pruebas de COVID-19 son gratuitas y están disponibles a todos; se llevarán a cabo fuera del liceo de Salem, 77 Willson St, lunes / miércoles / viernes de 2pm-6pm y martes / jueves / sábado de 10am-2pm.

El Departamento de Salud de Salem ha estado analizando los datos de los resultados de rastreo de contactos de los casos activos para determinar si hay una fuente única o predominante de los nuevos casos vistos en la comunidad y para comprender mejor la demografía de estos casos.

  • Más allá del grupo pequeño reportado en Salem YMCA, no parece haber ninguna otra fuente única de nuevos casos y no hay evidencia de que los casos se hayan originado por visitantes o turistas, o por un solo evento, negocio o reunión específica.
  • Una quinta parte de los casos de COVID-19 de Salem desde el 1 de julio han sido jóvenes menores de 19 años y el 40% han tenido menos de 40 años.
  • Si bien el 19% de la población de Salem es Latina, el 51% de los casos de COVID-19 de Salem desde el 1 de julio han sido residentes Latinos.

COVID-19 Testing Comes to Salem



Kimberley Driscoll



August 13, 2020

Dominick Pangallo

Chief of Staff

Office of Mayor Kimberley Driscoll

City of Salem
(978) 619-5600


Commonwealth’s “Stop the Spread” COVID-19 Testing Comes to Salem

Free tests for Salem residents offered August 17th through September 12th


Salem, Massachusetts – The Commonwealth today informed the City of Salem that the community will receive free COVID-19 testing for all residents as part of the state’s “Stop the Spread” initiative.


Testing will be offered six days a week starting Monday, August 17th via drive-through or walk-up outside of Salem High School at 77 Willson Street. Testing days and hours are as follows:



No proof of insurance or citizenship is necessary. Testing is via nasal swab, administered by EMTs from Fallon Ambulance, and processed at the Broad Institute Laboratory. Test results are returned, whether positive or negative, to the resident within 36 hours.

 This testing replaces the previously announced Salem Coronavirus Awareness Network (SCAN) tests. SCAN testing dates will be rescheduled to dates later this fall with precise details being announced in the coming weeks.